Untitled 7/10/6


Footstep shuffles
Slowly quicken
At the pace of the morning

The pulse of people
Moving room to room
Cadences blend
Like the tunes of my mixtape

Answering quick questions
Via keyboard click-clack
Meshes with clang of pans
And pop of grease like fingertips

Mom breaks down the day's expectations
As I break bread to break the fast
Salute the fam with sleep in my eyes
Answer sisters hug like a poem and a sunrise

Absorb sunlight through windows
Around buildings for my own building blocks
Asphalt footfalls echo on masonry walls
And dance around the jackhammer's chaotic tune

This is the music calling me
I can't stride to my own heartbeat
Can someone turn the city down?
Just a little?

Maybe then we can hear the breeze
Maybe an old man can hear his knees
Maybe the poor man can speak his needs

Do I need to dance to that car horn?
That ain't Pop's Miles records echoing on concrete walls
By finding the funk in asphalt footfalls
I can capture the amplified chaos



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