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Corner Coffee 1/07,
With Jason Ammerman,
...away from home Matrix Arts Slam 1/07 Bloomington, IN Caught in the Matrix, Bloomington, IN



Talaam Acey,
brOakland Slam
  Nazelah James,
brOakland slam mistress
Eliel Lucero,
Berzerkely co-feature 2/7/7
Guinevere a.k.a. Q, my lil' sis, Berkeley 2/7/7



Happy Birthday to me! 2/7/7 Berkeley feature   San Jose,
the Patio @ the Brit
Chris Bundy,
your host, San Jose
Q at 16th & Mission, San Francisco



brOakland feature Agent Q assess the Battle of Oakland! Red Ink Studios @
California Modern Art Gallery, now extinct!
2nd feature @ Fingersnaps
/Red Ink, S.F.
Guinevere in action!



Chillin' with Longfellow, Portland, ME Portland, ME Poetry Slam My godbrother, Dr. Jeffrey Ogbar in Hartford, CT



Haphazard in Hartford, CT Open mic, Hartford, CT Cambridge, MA, Home of Stone Soup, since 1971 CANTAB Lounge, Boston Poetry Slam CANTAB



Providence, RI Open Mic



My NYC debut - NuYorican Poets Cafe Queen GodIs, NuYorican Tara Betts, Lower East Side Girls Club  



Bowery Poetry Club,  home of the Urbana Slam   Mental Graffiti '07 Grand Slam Final



Palatine '07 Grand Slam Final
Andi Kauth Cynthia French   The Team!



Mahogany Brown Nuyorican Poets Cafe With Lane Falcon at
Bar 13, NYC
The LouderARTS Slam, Bar 13, NYC Yusef Kumonyaka, LouderARTS Slam Kealoha,
Bowery Poetry Club, NYC



Chad Anderson, Urbana Slam, Bowery NYC Eboni, Urbana Slam,
Bowery NYC
Carlos Andreas Gomez, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Dr. Jeffrey Ogbar at
Hue-Man Books, Harlem
Nathan, Portland, ME



Portland, ME Will, Portland, ME Bobby Gibbs, Captain of the Ship, Wooster, MA Dr. Jeffrey Ogbar, Bronzeville Coffee House, Chicago



Sarah Matthew Rucker E.Z.R.A. 6 is 9 Martha and Tim



St. Paul Soapboxing 16th & Mission - San Francisco D. Silence
16th & Mission
Jon Sands




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