Couldn't Dream Like This

She knew the room tipped
off balance
when she sashayed across thresholds
Some call it Magic

I love an icon that knows
the power she wields
whether she admits it or not
More telling than style or guile

The line between "what's up?"
and "Hey...what's up?" blurs with every refill
so I cut libations
with water and etiquette

We renew brief acquaintance
Asks how I've been treating life
If I move purposeful poems and prose
I give affirmation then ask how time spends her

She replied: I am a Spellbinder, conjuring curious
from seed glances blooming from cold gravel days
Serve sun over laughing fields til rain cries
Emitting every color across spirits' spectrum

I spend existences building
Feather teepees in hurricane eyes
Cure the terminally prejudiced
Elixing love into their veins

A mentor of the art of mastery 
As I master apprentice hood 
Seeing the space within spaces 
Allows me, metaphysically, freedom

"Uh...O.K..." I replied bewildered 
As if she were finished
She pressed index finger to my lips,
"Never interrupt a funky mirage"

Let me pour your novel from a haiku glass
Weave you a quilt from comet tails
blanket you from harsh infinity
You need not swim a sea of questions

I've made silhouette appearances in starshine over Atlantis
Balanced February spirits with amethyst
Pisces swimming in Aquarian waters
Leaving summary wildstyle verses on Mariana's walls

You'll never know what to say
"You're an alien? Mermaid vandal?"
How often do you dance in the fog?
A tug at my locks, "This interview is over"

My hand in hers, we went to the roof
Slow-danced to snowfall on the ledge
Pulled us into freefall as I screamed
She laughed, "You're terrified when you're cute"

How well you well the tarnish of armor
Use piano hands to keep secrets,
keep in touch
dial, hold, tickle and such

It's not just me is it?
It's us rewriting the axis
Spilling ink as if it birthed rivers
That we sail back to... ourselves?

Save the day for your coronation
Rogue verbalist rise above the refuse
at your own velocity and volition
anywhere between dragons and universes' end

These are dreams that must
trust your process
May not waken for a generation
or a blue moon

As sure as my reflection in her eyes
Unmasked her for
the reluctant muse that she is
illusion was replaced by melancholy

No longer could I pretend this vision
Was mine exclusively
No ordinary friend is one who
can bottle daydreams in nocturnal vessels

One who could burn a bridge
leading me to push the current to reclaim her
when distance is her ungifting
and my pen remains the tangible link

A favor: never fulfill these visions
I know not how to return to such...'ordinary'
Crumble the molehill
Give ample chance to recover in your remission

Push me to earth at the speed of Icarus
then envelope me in atmosphere
Dear sky, only then can I dance with you
While your alchemy spins fools sunshine



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