At First Sight

 I have been here before

Fallen awake, surfing your dreamscape before
Chased you in freeze tag,
capturing your statuesque form in a moment of immortality
I've brought you gifts of "how was your day"
wrapped in empathy and smiles

I have lived this vision

I have stood in the shade of your orchard
Longing to taste the fruit of your affection
I have reached across erupting springs, in dreams,
Just so your fingertips brush mineI have but kinetic infatuation to offer
and the want to give all
Pick a star . . . any one
I'll be your shelter from detrimental rays, filtering passion

I have flown that high with you in mind

Way beyond deja vouz, I have dreamed of missing you
Past life sightings filling senses as vividly as home cooking
May this be premonition
Forgive my imperfections while I cast shadow puppets
beneath your cracked halo
I dream of you in so much color
That butterflies and twilight get jealous

No mere fantasy, this is testimony

I have perjured my intellect before my conscience
Telling myself, "Self, she's just a phase.
"NO! You are on every single page
I dream of me in the palm of your hand
Nothing between us but breath and pheromones
If I can remove the mask of indifference,
Then I can slay demons in the margins of your diary
This "preminiscing" I'll trade to awaken to you
Pull you close and say
It's nice to breathe with you again

For the first time



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